Welcome to A Year of Gratuitous Socks.

I am sure may of you have fantasized about what you would do if you ever became rich and famous. I have always thought that if I ever found myself in the situation where I had more money than sense (which by the way is not a lot of money) that I would – wear a new pair of socks every day.

One day last year it occurred to me that I might not ever become rich and famous (imagine.) So I decided to go for it. As far as rich and famous fantasies go – a new pair of socks every day is not so difficult a proposition. It’s not like I’m buying a Maserati a month. So every day in 2008 I am going to wear a new pair of socks and blog the experience.

Now, prospective blog subscriber, before you decide that you would rather read a blog about toenail collecting (I once met a guy with a toenail collection – remind me to tell you about it one day) I hasten to add that I will also be commenting on other events and interests in ’08 including: life as a professional magician, recipes from the Single Dad’s Cookbook, the American election, and most exciting to me – the publication of my first novel – Shadowmagic.

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5 Responses to “Welcome to A Year of Gratuitous Socks.”

  1. Terry Says:

    perhaps one or two of the socks may escape and venture out on its own, what will you ever do? Right now they are conspiring to confuse your silly plan, you silly man.

  2. Peter Says:

    Oh my Nadene! Why import a nut case there are plenty in Australia who wear socks?

  3. Alan Says:

    I think you should blog more about socks!!

  4. Charles Says:

    I love this idea. I’m struggling to find out more about it though. I have questions. Lots of questions. Mainly – are you attempting to wear not only a new (never worn before) pair of socks but also a new (different make/brand, colour, style etc.) pair of socks too. What is happening to the once used socks? I think Japanese businessmen pay good money for this sort of thing. Here via Warming Up.

  5. johnlenahan Says:

    No, not different, just new.

    John L

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