My First New Pair of Socks for the Year!


It is New Years Day and here are my first pair of brand new, only to be worn once socks. Notice how each is displayed on it’s own individual Persian rug.

Now before you panic thinking I am going to post 366 photos of my feet – fear not – this is a strange project but not that strange. But I thought that this day should be commemorated. People her in Britain are so excited they seem to have taken the day off.

Comment leaver Subgeer (as well as others I’m sure) will criticise me for not choosing something more flamboyant but I chose the 75% cotton everyday Fruit of the Loom Ultimate Work Sock (very reasonable at £5 for 6) to remind you all that this project is a marathon – not a sprint.



One Response to “My First New Pair of Socks for the Year!”

  1. Peter Says:

    My god! only on an hour and already changing colour, do socks have an ombusman to complain to?

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