Day two socks are a bit disappointing.

Day two socks are a bit disappointing. I bought 12 pairs on ebay and even though they said they are for size 10 to 13 they are a bit too snug. Is there anyone else out there with a fortnight’s supply of new socks and small feet that wants to swap?

Tomorrow I’m going to try some socks I bought at my local supermarket Summerfields. They come from Viernheim, Germany.  About the only thing that Wikipedia had to say about the birthplace of my imminent footwear is that it is twinned with Potters Bar – which gives one an insight on just how exciting Viernheim must be.  I think I’ll just wear the socks – as opposed to making a special trip.

One Response to “Day two socks are a bit disappointing.”

  1. subgear Says:

    Yes, John, of course the Viernheim varietals are wearable, if you don’t mind wearing what the Summerfield people wear. But if you are searching for a more sublime sock-wearing experience, may I suggest a Weiderkehr crew length from 2006. I discovered this mischievous little sock on a recent trip to St. Mary’s Mountain near Altus, Arkansas, where the very shape of the countryside, the soil, and the climate closely matches that which for centuries has nurtured some of Europe’s great socks.

    As you open the package you’ll be delighted and surprised by hints of blackberry and persimmon that are native to the area. Taking the socks in hand, you’ll feel the smooth, strong, closely woven, soft texture of the sock, and see a slight lustre when held to the light. But all this is just foreplay leading up to the main event – the real treat is when you grasp the top of the socks, feel it gently but firmly give as your foot dives in, the toes gliding effortlessly down to their cushy lair, and the rest of the foot caressed and hugged in a tingling frisson of textile passion. Now that’s a sock.

    Er, excuse me, I have to go have a cigarette.

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