2-Pairs-of-Socks-a-Day & Presidential Footwear.

I‘m starting to realize that this new-sock-a-day stuff might prove to be trickier than I thought. Let’s say I start the day with a black sock but then decide to go to the gym. My upbringing would never allow me to wear black with trainers. (That would be up there with socks and sandals.) What to do? Do I wear old white socks or must my feet only touch new socks this year? If I choose new ones then some days would be two-new-pairs-of-socks-days. That seems a tad extravagant to me. Do I set rules or go with the flow? Comments please.

Speaking of sandals and socks. Congrats to Huckabee and Obama last night. That would be an interesting national race. If it came down to it I’d have to pick Obama cause I could never imagine him in white socks and sandals. Huckabee unfortunately I can – easily.


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One Response to “2-Pairs-of-Socks-a-Day & Presidential Footwear.”

  1. subgear Says:

    How about reversibles? (white on the inside, black on the outside) Good for any occasion. They work for Mitt Romney…

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