Interviews 50 Cents

NPR’s Alex Chadwick has a series on Slate V that I think is just wonderful – this one makes me want to jump through my monitor and give this guy a hug. (Sorry about the 10 second ad at the beginning.)


Interviews 50 Cents: Brick in Your Pocket
Two microphones, a card table, NPR’s Alex Chadwick, and intimate stories from passers-by. In this episode, a father describes the weight he carries around from losing his youngest son.


3 Responses to “Interviews 50 Cents”

  1. OnionGirl Says:

    That really was wonderful. Thank you for sharing it. That guy was amazingly composed, I would have been blubbering.

    I totally misunderstood the concept before I clicked the link. I thought you meant he was interviewing 50 cent who had a brick in his pocket. Or maybe someone had thrown a brick at 50 cent and that’s why you wanted to hug them. That’s what I get for reading too much WWTDD.

    You and your socks are alright Mr. Lenahan :>)

  2. subgear Says:

    I like this blog!

  3. Juliet Says:

    Amazing and very moving. Thanks for the link. Great new blog – I’m hooked already and looking forward to finding out how you are going to solve the great sports-sock dilemma.

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