Boss Astronauts

My Mom and Dad used to watch the Evening News with Walter Cronkite. As a child it was torture – like going to church – unless of course Walter was talking about those boss astronauts. Still, I sat through it – it was the penance I had to endure before I could see Laugh-In or the Ed Sullivan Show. Even though I complained and didn’t pay attention, the images sunk in. I remember seeing the civil rights movement played out on a grainy black and white tube. I remember cross burnings and hearing terms like Jim Crow. This stuff was in my lifetime.

Now my 32 in. LCD screen is showing me images of a black man winning a presidential primary in Iowa -Iowa!

As an American living in Europe it has been difficult to defend US actions in the 21st century – but Obama winning a primary is stuff no European Union member can match. God bless you Iowa and god bless America.

I don’t know yet who I’m going to vote for but I can tell you I am delighted and proud that a black man is one of my choices.

John L


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