I don’t want the puritans out there to get upset

Ok, I woke up this morning and put on the same socks I wore yesterday figuring I would put a new pair on after my shower. Well the day kinda slipped away from me. I pottered around the house, wrote a couple of hundred words of Shadowmagic 2 and played 18 holes of golf on the Wii with my son. (I won.) I just now took a bath and am ready to go to bed when I realize – I didn’t have any new socks today.

I don’t want the puritans out there to get upset. It’s not like I wore old socks – it’s just I think new socks should be placed on a clean foot and my personal hygiene routine fell behind schedule. I’m thinking this is a good thing. Say some catastrophe befalls tomorrow’s sock – stepping in cat vomit for instance – I now have a little leeway to wear a second new pair that day.

Many writers hate clichés but I quite like them and I think now is the perfect time to use one. I literally have to get out more. If only to force me to wear more socks.


One Response to “I don’t want the puritans out there to get upset”

  1. Susie Says:

    Well hell! After your bath did you put on new socks? Was it before midnight? If it was after midnight there it wasn’t some where else in the world. The main thing is you got clean and wrote some more in your book!!!!!!!!!!

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