We got ourselves a horse race.

Oh baby. We got ourselves a horse race. America is big and that makes a national election impersonal. Primaries were supposed to be about making candidates travel around the country so that voters in each state could get a look and then decide on a more personal level. But our news hungry society has in recent years insisted on squishing uncertainty as soon as possible. Finally we have an election that is not being decided by bumpkins in Iowa or stuffy New Englanders. I’m sure it won’t come down to a scrap on a convention hall floor (which would be fab) but at least it hasn’t been decided by a couple a hundred thousand people wearing galoshes.

The problem for the democrats is that it’s gonna have to get meaner. And the meaner it gets, the less likely a Clinton/Obama ticket will happen. Which is a shame for them cause I think they would be unstoppable. (And also so cool – a woman and a black man!) Even if they hate each other they should do it but probably won’t. As Will Rogers said, “I don’t belonged to an organized political party – I’m a democrat.”


A note to my Iowa and New England readers – I don’t mean you it’s the other ones. JL


One Response to “We got ourselves a horse race.”

  1. johnlenahan Says:

    Did you see Obama’s speech after the New Hampshire primary? It was like an inaugural address. I was expecting to see his campaign manager tap him on the shoulder and say, “Excuse me Senator but you lost.”

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