I had a proper business meeting.

I find it hard to wear socks that cost more then a pound on days where I am not even leaving the house. Yesterday I had a proper business meeting in central London with the production company that is flying me out to Cape Town SA to do a performance for a major car company. (Volkswagen would probably be upset if I mentioned the car company’s name.) So I decided to don a pair of maroon socks from the SockShop’s Colour Burst range.

(Socks Nadene bought me.)

The SockShop’s website sports an amazing variety. It is colourful, informative (it even has a history of hosiery) and it’s very easy to use. The Colour Burst range is a £3 sock with 20% off orders of three or more. It’s mostly cotton with a dash of lycra. They are fine socks that I imagine will last long past the first wearing. Not that I will ever find that out.

Today I’m wearing another Sock Shop sold sock (say that ten times real fast) The Jeff Banks Hastings Horizontal Stripe Socks. Good value at fiver for two and they feel as good as they look.

Yes, I am a pasty white man.

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One Response to “I had a proper business meeting.”

  1. subgear Says:

    A bold coupling! Who would have thought of pairing the smooth sophistication of the Hastings, with its understated eau d’ Lycra, with the chuffing, hearty notes of Pasty White Man? And yet, against all expectations it succeeds, and brilliantly! The Hastings allows the subtle hues of Pasty White Man to show through without overwhelming it, resulting in a fine pas de deux indeed. Well done, old boy!

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