I just redid the website for my novel – Shadowmagic . Have a look at


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  1. Jade Says:

    oooh, i do like the cherry blossom. Very nice.

  2. Airsafety Says:

    Please, oh please, for the love of the gods PLEASE release another Shadowmagic novel! My daughter and I loved the first one, waiting breathlessly for the next chapter each week. Since then she has listened through no less than 4 times again, and I am currently on my way through a third time. Great stuff. Oh, and as a single Dad myself, I thoroughly enjoy your other work.


  3. Matt Says:

    Have stumbled onto the website through the radio 4 Midweek show a couple of weeks ago and love the blog. Subscribed to ShadowMagic and I’m really enjoying it. Day 2 and I’m now on episode 10! Cant wait to listen to the rest. Any chance of another book???

  4. johnlenahan Says:

    I’m working on it guys but life gets in the way. I’ll let you know.


  5. Matt Says:

    Maybe spend less time buying socks!!! 😉

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