If you want to learn how to be a great compère (that’s MC for you Americans) watch Kermit on the old Muppet Shows. Kermit gave great introductions and he always, just before he announced the act’s name, had a quick glance off stage – just to be sure the person he was introducing was actually there.

When the London Comedy Store was in Leicester Square I compèred there more than any one else. I’m a good compère. It’s not hard – you just have to follow three simple rules:

1- Be Positive. At corporate shows I usually am introduced by the company manager or CEO. Often they do their homework and read the biography from my website and mention that I was the first person in 85 years to be expelled from the Magic Circle. Now I’m quite proud of that but it doesn’t work in an introduction because it’s a negative. Intros work best if they are all positives.

2- Say the name of the person you are introducing last.Ladies and gentlemen, the magic and comedy of John Lenahan.” That is all I need. That is a great introduction. But it’s amazing how many times people get rule no. 2 wrong. “Ladies and gentlemen John Lenahan is a magician and comedian and .. eh.. here he is.” Bad introduction.

3- Always look offstage and make sure the person you are introducing is there. Nothing makes you look like more of an idiot than introducing someone and they don’t show. It has happened to me but less that it has to most professional compères cause, I learned how to avoid that pitfall from The Muppet Show – thank you Kermit.


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  1. andrew mcallister Says:

    I am a compere tonight and found these three tips a great help,thanx

  2. andrew mcallister Says:

    Thanx for three great tips my friend,i will use them tonight

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