The Power of the Pack

My publisher (oh I like that phrase, I think I’ll say it again.) My publisher Scott Pack has a lovely blog called Me and My Big Mouth where he talks about publishing (of which he knows lots) and about being a human being (of which he also excels.) After he posted very nicely about my piece Four Years Ago Today, my reader stats quadrupled. One of his readers came to my show and posted this on Scott’s site. Can I give the best comment of the week award to a poster on someone else’s blog?
From Me and My Big Mouth:
Well I was amazed by the writing and looked at some of the rest of the blog. Saw the review of John’s Magic show and went tonight. Excellent and very entertaining. Now I’m looking forward to the book.
I’d highly recommend John’s magic show. It is in such a small theatre you get to sit right up next to him while he performs and it is intimate. That is, you really feel he’s performing just for you. Even if you’re not a magic fan (and I am) it makes for a very different evening and is good fun. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a show before where the performer just chats to you before during and after the show.
Posted by: Matthew

2 Responses to “The Power of the Pack”

  1. johnlenahan Says:

    I just saw that Scott has linked to me today – how incestuous. At least our kickbacks will even out.

  2. Matthew Says:


    I’m happy to say it on your blog too. I very much enjoyed your show on Monday. It was a really great way to spend an evening. As I mentioned on Scott’s blog I realy liked the intimacy and informality of the show with you just chatting away to us all before, during and after the show. It was just so different.

    It was also a good show. I enjoyed the magic – I’m a sucker for it – despite the fact that you had me down as sceptic no. 1.

    If I had a coment to make to improve the evening it would be to suggest you had a word with the management of the Oxord Arms. As far as I could tell the barstaff time their break to coincide with your interval so it was difficult to pop down for a quick pint and get back up for the interval banter.

    I’ll be back.


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