I’m back and you can have my old socks

I’m back from my travels. I have deliberately not told you were I have been because I wanted to post the following competition. Below is the view that would have been from my hotel room, if they had given me a room with a harbor view. The first person to name this famous mountain wins a pair of very special only-worn-once socks.


I’ll give you a clue – the cloud that often flows off the top is call the Table Cloth


6 Responses to “I’m back and you can have my old socks”

  1. subgear Says:

    the dining room table?

  2. Iburpoften Says:

    With the table cloth clue, I’ll opt for table mountain.

  3. Kate Says:

    stain mountain?

  4. Kate Says:

    BTW ; I didn’t want to win as I am a size 4 (37)

  5. DJ Kirkby Says:

    Gorgeous pic and I agree with Iburpoften!

  6. Robert Townsend Says:

    Table Mountain – Cape Town. Oh crap – someone beat me to it.

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