Congrats to the winner of the South African Socks!!!!

Congratulation to Robert and DJ but the special South African Socks go to Iburpoften!


Sock and Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa.

As soon as I wash these guys I’ll send then off to you.

Here are some more photo highlights of my trip.


Sock & Lizard on Table Mountain

I had to focus on one or the other – I think I made the right choice.


Robin Island, Cape Town and Sock


Camp Beach and Sock


On Top Of Table Mountain in Socks


2 Responses to “Congrats to the winner of the South African Socks!!!!”

  1. Robert Says:

    Lovely shots John – Cape Town is actually where my dad is from though I was born and bred in Oz. As you know, I saw your show again last night… Very good. Still completely puzzled by several effects – linking cards and the trick that allegedly fooled Einstein, among several others. I’m coming again next week with proabably at least 4 others (shall we discuss commission). I’m not stalking you, but rather, simply trying to learn. Hoping that we can have another beer at some point and that I may ply you with a combination of alcohol and socks to learn a few secrets. Regards.

  2. DJ Kirkby Says:

    Those pics made me gilggle! Except the one of Camp Beach as I seem to be developing a fear of heights for no good reason! Great post, amazing pics that say it all.

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