The World Wide Web’s Sock Guru Speaks

Some readers have complained that there has not been enough about socks on my blog. To those of you who have voiced this criticism, (you know who you are) I think you really should get out more.

But since I have appointed myself as the World Wide Web’s sock guru – last week I decided to splash out 11 quid (about $15 for the yanks) and buy a pair of anti-deep vein thrombosis flight socks for my journey to Cape Town.

I bought a pair at Boots Chemist in Heathrow airport but when I got on the plane I found I was seated next to an attractive young woman and didn’t have the courage to: show off my pasty pegs, or make it look like I was so old I needed support socks, or explain how I wear new socks every day. So I didn’t put them on. Since I didn’t die on the 11 hour journey down to South Africa, I was prepared to declare flight socks an overpriced con.

But in an effort to be fair, I wore them on the journey home (not a very attractive man sat next to me.) and I must say that they were very comfortable. I still think 11 pounds is too much but I did like the support and my feet slipped easily back into my shoes at the end of the flight.

I still would have given them a better review if I had died on the way out.


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2 Responses to “The World Wide Web’s Sock Guru Speaks”

  1. DJ Kirkby Says:

    I wear flight socks every time I fly to Canada (12 1/2 hours), they make my feet feel hot and scratchy but do keep the swelling down. I am not convinced that a ramble around the plane every hour or so wouldn’t have the same effect but being the sucker I am for advertising campagins, I refuse to chance it!

  2. Mikhel Says:

    John, 11 quid!

    I agree with you that is a real rip off, should be closer to 6!

    See these

    I recommend the

    Or the Scholl ones


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