The winner of the cheapest wearable socks award goes to Marks & Spencer. I bought 7 pairs of their Outstanding Value range socks for £3.50. That’s 50p a pair or even better – 25 pence a foot! I can’t attest how they will fair in the long run, cause I’m only wearing them once, but for single use they’re fine.

Yesterday I wore a pair of M&S’s Fresh Feet Socks on an eight hour airplane flight and then eight hours after that. The Freshtech™ design is supposed to make them less smelly – so in the name of science I’m going to sniff these suckers now…

Freshtech™ technology may be good but it ain’t miraculous. I’ll not be performing that experiment again.


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2 Responses to “Freshtech™”

  1. bob hughes Says:

    what’s with your feet?????????

    do you have a problem?

    my socks last for a week……….

  2. Mikhel Says:

    My socks last for a bit more than a week!!

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