I Only Packed Three Pairs of Socks

Thanks to all that complemented me on my Cape Town and South Africa socks photos. Since I have been back, friends have been asking me what Cape Town was like. To be honest I have to tell them that I really don’t know. I flew on Wednesday, arrived on Thursday, rehearsed all day and did the show on Friday. On Saturday morning I jumped in a cab, took the cable car to the top of Table Mountain and flew home in the afternoon. Stupid I know but I only packed three pairs of socks, so I couldn’t stay any longer.

My hotel was in a place called The Waterfront – a newly developed area with restaurants and overpriced shops. Most importantly it had ‘enhanced security,’ so white visitors could feel safe. It was the Disney version of South Africa – I have seen more black people in Scranton Pennsylvania. In fact if not for the gorgeous weather and magnificent view of Table Mountain – I might as well have been in Scranton.

So if you want to know what Cape Town is like – well, it’s got nice weather, and Table Mountain is very nice, and the air is so crystal clear you think it might cut you – but other than that – I-dona-know.

There was one lovely moment.

I had previously worked with the band that performed at the event. On Thursday night, as I was about to go to bed, I ran into the two percussionist (yes the band has two) and the singer Kristen. Kristen is gorgeous, with a voice to die for and is especially great value on a road trip because – she is so easy to wind-up. The three of them were on their way to a jazz club next door to the hotel and I joined them for a drink. The jazz quartet was good and when they took a break one of the drummers went over had had a word. When the band came back on stage the front man said, “We have a special guest singer in the audience,” and introduced Kristen. As she reluctantly walked onto the stage, giving major dirty looks to our table, I asked the drummer how he convinced the band to let her sing. He said, “I told them she was dying.”

She sang Summertime and absolutely blew the room away! It was a nice moment. Almost worth the 22 hours on a plane.

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One Response to “I Only Packed Three Pairs of Socks”

  1. DJ Kirkby Says:

    The bit about Kirsten was funny! I can’t believe you have been to Scranton Pa! Why? I can’t believe anyone would chose to go there…

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