I just flew back from New York City where I bought myself a little present. Check this out.


I was terrified that when I opened my luggage he would be gone and only the chains would be in the bag.


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6 Responses to “Houdini”

  1. tim Says:

    who is that man in the bottom corner next to statue – OMG its me and Houdini looks better than me. This getting old is rough

  2. DJ Kirkby Says:

    Oooh scary face. I am begining to suspect you are in the air more than on land!

  3. nadene Says:

    Aaaah yes Tim,
    Houdini has pride of place on a shrine to eclecticism…..I think up until recently you held pole position.

  4. nadene Says:

    DJ – “in the air more than on land”….never a truer statement was said of someone suffering from ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’

  5. Kate Says:


  6. nadene Says:

    THANK YOU KATE!!!!! for a while there JL was incredulous I didn’t Like it!?!?

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