Wildlife Pics of the Year

Yesterday I donned a pair if Sock Shop Royal Blue Colour Burst Socks and went to see the Shell Wildlife Photography of the Year Exhibition at the Natural Museum in London

I can’t recommend it enough. Lovely large back-lit transparencies are displayed amid a beautiful tranquil soundtrack and every photograph makes you say, “Hey look at this.”

Nadene and my favourite was of an Arctic fox. It’s a shame the online photo doesn’t do it justice.

Another fave was of a Stoat.

But the one that has been haunting me ever since was of beech trees in Ireland. I could easily see this picture as the cover for Shadowmagic.



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4 Responses to “Wildlife Pics of the Year”

  1. nadene Says:

    I love that little stoat! I wonder if he realises his name is an anagram of toast?

  2. Airsafety Says:

    Wow. Amazing pictures. Those beech trees are JUST the way I pictured them in my mind’s eye while enjoying Shadowmagic. Speaking of which, the world awaits the continuing adventures of Conor in The Land. *nudge*

  3. Kate Says:

    Have you got one of a groundhog?

  4. subgear Says:

    Lovely pix. Speaking of toast, here are some wild landscapes made entirely from food! http://tanusha.livejournal.com/785637.html

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