Saturday night at The Chuckle Club

If anybody is interested, I’m doing my stand-up set at one of my all time favourite clubs on Saturday night (Feb. 9) – The Chuckle Club. If you have never sung along to the Chuckle Club theme song with resident compare Eugene Cheese – then you have never lived.


3 Responses to “Saturday night at The Chuckle Club”

  1. airsafety Says:

    If only I could break away from the colonies for a weekend…

    Mr. Lenahan, I’d like very much to provide a link to your most blessed hosiery-obsessed blog on my own blog page. Is there a direct link to the blog itself? My browser rather cleverly lists the shadowmagic URL and I’d prefer to provide a more direct link.

    Many Thanks,


  2. johnlenahan Says:

    The best way to link to my site is

  3. DJ Kirkby Says:

    You need to perform a bit further along in the South East!

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