Never Heard of Him

While I’m on the subject of my radio appearance… As I left the Midweek show, the host Libby Pervis told me that one of her guests next week is Michael Smiley. I told her that he is a great comedian, an old friend, and to make sure she gives him my love.

I just listened to the program and Michael Smiley isn’t on – Dave Spikey is. I must have gotten confused when she told me. I’ve never met Dave Spikey. I can just imagine the conversation when Libby tells Dave that his old friend John Lenahan says hello and Mr Spikey replies, “Never heard of him.”

I suppose Libby will never book me again. Oh well, I’m too handsome for radio.



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2 Responses to “Never Heard of Him”

  1. DJ Kirkby Says:

    Lol. I thought that kind of thing only happened to me!

  2. Catherine Says:

    Great blog. Have just linked you. I remember when Chris Evans got his first mega pay check and he announced he was going to wear a new pair of socks every day cos he was so goddam rich he could . All I could think was “show off, precocious b*****d but with you it’s all good sublime stuff.

    Regards from Switzerland

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