Sock Epaulet

I have a sock related trick in my magic repertoire. I had planed to film it Monday night at my show when I remembered – I performed it on TV years ago.

So here I am, without a one grey hair, performing my world famous sock trick. Enjoy.

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6 Responses to “Sock Epaulet”

  1. liz Says:

    Are you the one in the blue or the green!!?

  2. johnlenahan Says:

    Me very blue.

  3. Matt Says:

    Great trick, my future wife wants to know how its done!!
    Now on chapter 20 of ShadowMagic and loving it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone reading this hasnt listened yet then go for it, you’re missing a treat!!

  4. Carla Says:

    Love your voice! I got used to listening to it every night before I go to sleep (ok, that was a bit weird!) hehe

  5. airsafety Says:

    This reminded me of the old ‘hide the banana’ trick.

    Wait. That was something else entirely. Never mind.

    I do know a trick with three pieces of rope…

  6. Tom Says:

    I like that trick. I figured it out and i think i shall try it out on my wife and say that i stole it from you. I as well have listened to Shadowmagic and loved the story. I lost count how many times i listened to it. it is always on when my wife and i take road trips.

    I must say that i saw some other clips from this show and my favorite is the one where you make that tower disappear. It is absolutely brilliant.

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