Keep it Clean

Sorry I haven’t been posting much but I’m on holiday. I’m wearing these babies today. Anybody want to guess what I’m doing? (Keep it clean.)



10 Responses to “Keep it Clean”

  1. Chris Says:

    Eating sometimes?
    Posting to the blog?
    Reading this?
    Do i win another pair of socks?

  2. Matt Says:

    I didnt know we could win socks here!!! I’ll start posting more 😉

    Could it be you are standing on carpet?
    Bending over taking pics of your feet?
    Getting ready for a fancy dress party?

    When should I expect an old pair of your socks??!!!!

  3. tim Says:

    YOu are in a Berlin berlesque club

  4. Chris Says:

    You’re being rhetorical!

  5. Juliet Says:

    Is that the back of your skirt behind you? Are you performing the Can-Can? (And if so, are you wearing matching red and black frilly underwear?) (sorry, that may be an ‘unclean’ question)

  6. subgear Says:

    You’re at a superhero convention! (Does the Green Lantern still go on and on about how super-hero-ing was much better in the old days, and about how all the new superheroes are just punks?)

  7. chia Says:


  8. Elaine Says:

    You’re skiing with Finbar I would guess. Hope you are, anyway. Happy Birthday for last week with love from Elaine…aka the woman in those alarming specs.

  9. Mikhel Says:

    its got to be skiing,

  10. Sue Says:

    Go Chia – love knowing the sock winners!

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