Yes I’m skiing. Socks go to Subgear and Chia for the wittiest answers. Sorry but being right doesn’t count on this blog.

Skiing is a full time holiday that makes me feel guilty for ignoring you all so for the next couple of day’s I’m going to post some of the photos I took at last year’s Dragoncon. Dragoncon is the second largest science fiction and fantasy convention in the US. About 40 thousand people were there and a quarter of them were dressed to the hilt. I was there promoting Shadowmagic and had some tattoos made as give-aways. They were a huge hit. It became very de rigueur to sport a Shadowmagic tattoo on one’s cleavage (as well as other spots)and I got to apply most of them. I had a great convention.


One Response to “Dragoncon”

  1. subgear Says:

    a year of gratuitous secks! cool!

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