It Was Just an Any Old Kind of Day

Harry Chapin once wrote a song that began with the line, “It was just an any old kind of day, the kind that comes and slips away. I knew that today was going to be an any old kind of day day. I didn’t get home until 2 am last night (after a cracking gig in Southend, Essex) so I slept in and I certainly wasn’t going to go to the gym. In fact, I deliberately wanted today to be unproductive – I have been giging ever since I returned from Utah and I just wanted to chill. This may sound nice to those of you that mindlessly grab socks out of your sock drawer and throw them on your feet but for a gratuitous sock wearer, an any old kind of day proves problematic.

What sock should I wear? Wearing a really good sock would be a waste on a day where I might not even leave the house (so my remaining Garfield socks are definitely out.) On the other hand if I am actively planning an any old kind of day day then that makes today a little special and I should at least wear something comfortable.

I decided on a pair of Cat Socks.

cat-socks.jpgYes the same company that makes the huge earth moving machines has a range of socks. I can’t remember where I bought this packet of four pairs but I do remember that they were cheap. Now I’m sure that workers in the Caterpillar factory don’t install half ton carburettors into huge all terrain diggers in the morning and then spend the afternoon darning in some back room. I’m sure that some sock manufacturer has asked cat if they could use it’s name on their products -well – Cat really should have picked a better sock maker. Unlike the excellent Jeep socks that are almost all wool or cotton, the Cat socks are 55% cotton. As far as I’m concerned if a sock is half cotton it just feels bad – like half a sock. It’s two in the afternoon and already I’m looking forward to taking these guys off. Watch out Cat – next time I have to spend three quarters of a million dollars on an earth mover I might, after this experience, buy a John Deer.

Next time I want Cat socks I’m reaching for the Garfields.


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