I’m off to my osteopath and I haven’t seen her in a long time. Since I’m going to be standing there in just my underwear and socks the dilemma is what sock to wear. After see-sawing back and forth between outrageous and conservative I have settled on some Pink Panther Socks. Below is a photo to give you an idea of what it would be like to be my osteopath. Jealous?

This is one of the pairs of socks that The Sock Shop has sent me for review. Like all novelty socks they are a little low on the cotton percentage but at 60% they are better than most. Actually they feel pretty good and I think they look fab – but maybe that’s just my legs.

John L

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6 Responses to “Jealous?”

  1. tim Says:

    I may be fatter than you brother but my knees are much hotter. knobby man

  2. johnlenahan Says:

    He’s jealous.

  3. osirisoflight Says:

    So is it just me or is this situation like my wife telling stories of her friends grooming down below before a trip to the gynocologist?

  4. johnlenahan Says:

    It’s just you.

  5. Sue Says:

    You know that was my Fav show growing up and since International Woman’s Day was also your favorite brother’s wif’es bday – I know you’ll want to send them to me – and since I am probably you longest running biggest fan you don’t even need to wash 🙂

  6. chia Says:

    Oh, happy belated birthday!!

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