I’m in the Mood for a Good Wallow

There is a line in an old song that goes, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” I wish I remembered the song. I’m in the mood for a good wallow.

The Friday Project – publisher of my first novel Shadowmagic has gone bust. Even though my first print run of 1000 hardbacks is almost sold-out in pre-order – it doesn’t look like they have enough money to print it. Seems like a good time to get morosely drunk.

I remember another time when the media gods were toying with me and I was feeling very sorry for myself. I stayed up late and drank too much. At about two am, one of those cheap stand-up comedy shows (the kind were they just put a camera in the back of a comedy club) came on. I remember being drunk, sitting there and out-loud shouting at the TV screen, “My career is so crap I’m not even on crappy TV shows like that!” No sooner had I said that, then the announcer said, “First up on the Laughter Tonight – Magician John Lenahan.” The media gods even like to screw with my wallowing.

I’ll know more about of the fate of my book next week. Until then – have you seen the bottle opener?

10 Responses to “I’m in the Mood for a Good Wallow”

  1. Conor Lenahan Says:

    The song is
    “If it wasn’t for bad luck” by Ray Charles

    I wish I had some wise words to share with you about the situation, but all I can think of is recommending a bad decision like drinking Tequila while playing “You can’t always get what you want” on loop at the loudest possible volume.

    Good luck with the wallowing!


  2. subgear Says:

    Why wallow when you can look at pictures of dudes in socks and sandals instead? http://www.sandalandsoxer.co.uk/home.htm

  3. Kate Says:

    I promise you John that it just means there is a bigger and better deal just around the corner. Get the database of those 1000 pre orders though!


  4. nadene Says:

    Boy Subgear – an entire page of fashion icons for John! I can’t even begin to imagine how much worse the anxiety ridden morning ritual of ‘new sock choosing’ would be if the general public could actually SEE John’s socks!

    : ) N

  5. ymp Says:

    That sucks!
    But someone else should publish Shadowmagic–it’s a great story.
    Enjoy the wallow.

  6. Matt Says:

    What a bummer!!
    Shadowmagic is such a cool story I’m sure you’ll get another deal sorted. I feel obliged to share in your wallow and will endeavour to match your morosely drunk state tonight!!! Cheers John, keep smiling!
    NOW do I win some socks??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. nadene Says:

    I agree Ymp and Matt! We believe in you JL – and we believe in Shadowmagic too!….but everyone needs a good wallow every once in a while. xx N

    ps – what are good socks for wallowing in ?

  8. Dash Says:

    You’re not thinking of the Ray Charles song. That’s way obscure. You’re thinking of the Cream song, which was a remake of the Albert King song, Born Under a Bad Sign:

    Born under a bad sign
    I been down since I began to crawl
    If it wasn’t for bad luck
    I wouldn’t have no luck at all.

    That sucks about your book. Don’t let it stop you.

  9. Nik Says:

    That is shitty luck. Fingers crossed something gets sorted. It best had do – I WANT to read it.


  10. Andy Taylor Says:

    Hey John

    Here’s a link to another publisher who might be interested in the book:


    Hope you manage to sort something out, Shadowmagic is a great story

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