I’m glad I’m not a screenwriter.

I was reminded that the judge in Monday’s post was the father in law of one of my neighbors. Mark is, among other things, a screenwriter. I remembered one day he was in my kitchen while I was writing Shadowmagic. I told him that I had been having difficulty coming up with a good way for my characters get in to a castle and decided that they would sneak in under the cover of an attack by a large army.

Mark said, “I hate you.”

When I asked why he said, “You didn’t even have to stop and think how much that army will cost to film, did you?”

I hadn’t. I’m glad I’m not a screenwriter.

Saying that, I can’t really say I’m a novelist until one gets published.  Still no news on the fate of Shadowmagic and it’s driving me crazy. I’ll let you know, when I know.

John L

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