This should be tougher.

My “Where A I Now?”s have been too easy. Try this one one. He he he.

A pair of socks to the correct guesser.


7 Responses to “This should be tougher.”

  1. chris Says:


  2. RobC Says:


  3. Andy Taylor Says:


  4. Andy Taylor Says:

    Damn. Not Rome, Pisa 🙂

  5. tim Says:


  6. johnlenahan Says:

    Pisa it is. Rob C got it straight away. I thought if I left out the leaning tower I’d flummox you. Well wait till the next one – I’m going to make it impossible.

  7. RobC Says:

    I confess I was only there two weeks ago myself. The bell and the cloister (from the top of the tower, I think) were the giveaways.

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