Try this suckers.

Where am I now?  He He He.

7 Responses to “Try this suckers.”

  1. RobC Says:

    Coat of arms gives it away – Cagliari.

  2. johnlenahan Says:

    Damn, damn, damn damn it.

  3. subgear Says:


  4. chia Says:

    you are going to have to resort to posting something incredibly generic– a tree, a sidewalk, a public restroom or a starbucks.

    Even then someone’s gonna say, oh I know that barista, we went to grade school together. you’re in _______.

  5. nadene Says:

    I can’t believe Rob C got that!……..John are you sure you’re not being stalked?

    Chia – that could be interesting….a ‘Name This Starbucks’ segment! : )

  6. DJK Says:

    Erm…Barcellona? Nah, no chance I managed to guess one at long last!

  7. johnlenahan Says:

    No DJK RobC got it right right away. It’s Cagliari in Sardinia.

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