A leftover – Where Am I?

I found this on my laptop left over from my last trip. This one is probably too easy too.


6 Responses to “A leftover – Where Am I?”

  1. RobC Says:


  2. subgear Says:


  3. osirisoflight Says:

    Damn I believe RobC might have it yet again….curse you for being able to travel abroad

  4. johnlenahan Says:

    Rob C is going to have the best dressed feet the world (after me of course.)
    Barcelona it is.

  5. RobC Says:

    I’d best ask now – are there any rules to this game? Just in case I’m inadvertently breaking them, or something…

  6. johnlenahan Says:

    RobC You are absolutly breaking no rules. You are the Tiger Wood of where am I? But don’t worry. I’m off again tommorow and you will be beat.


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