Attention Grammarians

While writing Shadowmagic 2 (yes I’m working on it and I’m about 55,000 words in) I wrote the following sentence in reference to a scene where my male characters get away for a drink without the women. It has sparked a contaversy with my gentle readers:

It was nice having a boys night.

Should it be written boys or boy’s or even boys’ ?

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5 Responses to “Attention Grammarians”

  1. chia Says:

    I would think it’s “boys’ night.” The night belongs to all the boys, so it’s a plural possessive.

  2. RobC Says:

    Chia is correct.

    And you know where I am if you need any in-depth advice! 😉

  3. Michael Says:

    Funny, I was just wondering how to write the possessive in my own paper.

    Hey, great to hear there’s a Shadowmagic 2 in the works! I just began my fourth listen through of the first one (not in a row, but it is my favorite podiobook of all time). I’ll certainly stay tuned to hear of its development (singular possessive gets no ‘, right?).

  4. Andy Taylor Says:

    boys’ night is correct. Just so long as you didn’t spend oer 3 hours deciding…..

  5. Kate Says:

    How about changing ‘nice’ to something better?!!

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