So Sick of Socks

One of the other reasons for my posting delinquency is – socks. I have written very little about socks in the last couple of months and I wouldn’t blame any of you for suspecting that I have abandoned my ‘new pair of socks a day’ experiment but you would be wrong.

I haven’t been writing about my socks because I am embarrassed to tell you that I am sick to death of socks. Like living on ice cream and pizza (which I practicably do) I have realised that the joy of donning a new pair of socks, mainly comes from the novelty of it. But it’s not that I’m just getting jaded by the old hat-ness of a new pair of daily socks, I find that fresh footwear also adds a mental dilemma to every morning.

I have a huge hamper of socks. (That’s another thing, every shopping trip is now a scouting expedition for affordable hosiery.) Some socks are very nice, like the gorgeous Sockshop’s Colour Burst range and some are dirt cheep, like M&S’s value range at 25 pence per foot. Now I don’t want to waste a good pair of socks on an ordinary day where I am just going to be dossing around the house, nor do I want to be caught out at an unexpected business meeting trying to hide 50 pence worth of nylon around my ankles. This means that every morning I have to predict what that day is going to be worth and I am finding that my choices are becoming self fulfilling prophesies. I’m sure yesterday would have been a better day if I had only splashed out on a better pair of socks but I also know that if I force it and put on a fine pair of socks and the day develops into an ‘any old kind of day’ then I’ll go to bed feeling like a failure.

But these are the burdens I have placed on myself and my feet. I’ll not give in to the temptation of used socks, or worse, barefooted-ness. But please keep me in mind when you are down on one knee – doing up your laces.

John L

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3 Responses to “So Sick of Socks”

  1. Matt Says:

    Your so sick of socks….. I’m so sick of waiting for the pairs I won ages ago!!! Walking around barefoot is getting quite tiresome and I’m getting blisters!!! šŸ˜‰

    Good news about Shadowmagic 2 and the hard back deal, time to start dropping hints about Christmas!

  2. subgear Says:

    These ‘socks’, you wear them, is that it?

  3. RobC Says:

    Good point… I could do with some new(ish) socks…

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