Sorry and News

Ok I’ll start with the mia copas. Sorry I haven’t been posting. I decided that the tonic for my depression over the publisher of Shadowmagic going bust was to throw myself into writing Shadowmagic 2. It was an “I’ll show them” philosophy that has been reaping great rewards. I am now over 65000 words in and Coner and his friends are up to their armpits in trouble. I decided that writing the blog was as much of a distraction as Deal or No Deal but I realise now that I was wrong. The blog is important and I promise to post at least once a week if not twice that.

On the subject of Shadowmagic, I hinted a while ago that my novel has been bought by a big publisher. I was saving this announcement until the link at was working but I’ll tell you guys now. Shadowmagic will be published in a limited edition hardback by HarperCollins/The Friday Project on August the 2nd.

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3 Responses to “Sorry and News”

  1. RobC Says:

    Great news!

  2. nadene Says:

    Not to tell you your business but wasn’t it August 4th?
    xx N

  3. Andy Taylor Says:

    That’s really great news John, it also reminds me I must put the podcast on to my other half’s iPod so she can listen to it!

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