Reason’s I shouldn’t drink hard liquor – part 2

I sent my almost fainting when hungover story to Danny Baker’s show and I he called me yesterday and got me to tell it on air. Another reason why you should be listening to Danny Baker on BBC radio London every afternoon.

That story reminded me of another tale proving why it’s a bad idea for me to drink anything other that beer or wine.

Three Christmas’ ago, I spent the holidays on a Caribbean cruise ship. At the end of the cruise, the crew had a rum punch party. In the corner of the packed crew bar there was a huge container of punch with a bottle of rum next to it. I logically thought that that meant the punch was alcohol free and one was supposed to add one’s own rum. It turned out that the stuff in the dispenser was already about 50% rum. I spent the evening making it something like 80%.

Once again I woke up feeling fine,except for my eyes. I had taken out my contact lenses – twice. When I realised I was still slurring I knew I was in trouble. When I finally made it out of my cabin, two days later, I ran into one of the entertainment officers. He said, “I didn’t see you at the party the other night but I could have sworn I heard someone shouting, ‘Could somebody else hold up the magician, I have to go to the loo.'”



One Response to “Reason’s I shouldn’t drink hard liquor – part 2”

  1. osirisoflight Says:

    I guess that means that regardless of the level of inebriation you are still the life of the party

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