I can’t be bothered.

I live in a football (soccer for you yanks) mad land. Unlike the US where each sport has a specific season. (Cold – football. Sunny – baseball.) Football in the UK seems to run all year long and for the most part I really can’t be bothered. Except for once every two years when either the World Cup or the European Cup is on. In my two decades of life on this side of the pond these pan-European and pan-global sporting events have been the highlights of my summer. Except this one. The European Cup started this week – and England isn’t in it. They didn’t qualify and you know what? I can’t be bothered.

Still in honour of the tournament that in the past has given me so many thrills and disappointments, today I am wearing some Sock Shop novelty football socks. The socks look hideous but as with all the novelty socks from the Sock Shop they are of excellent quality.

When the Brits give me a hard time about Americans calling the baseball final “The World Series” when only Americans can play, I point out that Britain invented arguably two of the finest team games in the world: soccer and cricket. Then taught the world to play them and the world now regularly kicks their buts. As far as I’m concerned America should look at the UK as a cautionary tale and make sure nobody plays baseball or American football except us.

John L

PS I just saw that these socks are half off at Sock Shop. If you like the look they are great value.


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One Response to “I can’t be bothered.”

  1. Catherine Says:

    Hmm. We are in the absolute thick of Euro footy fever here in Switzerland and there’s lots of Euro 2008 merchandise on sale. From Mars bars to T shirts, to well, everything . I wouldn’t be suprised if there was a pair of socks too with the exceedingly naff footy mascots on them. I shall look.

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