The world is a little less funny today

George Carlin died last night.

I always had trouble when anyone would ask me who my comedy influences were. Then about ten years ago I was in the US when Flip Wilson died and they put on a clip from his show that had a performance from George Carlin on it. While George was on stage I mouthed every word. I realized that I bought every one of Carlin’s early albums and I memorized every sentence, every pause.

The man could do it all. He had great political instincts- whether railing against the Viet Nam war all the way to George W but he also had a gentle touch and could make an audience think about the tiniest parts of every day life with new eyes.

I was going to include a video clip but when I saw that his LP Class Clown was on youtube I thought I’d like to experience him again like I did back then, just staring into space – listening and laughing.


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4 Responses to “The world is a little less funny today”

  1. David Reynolds Says:

    It is indeed a sad day 😦

  2. osirisoflight Says:

    I agree it is a sad day. I wish i could watch that video. i tried to click on it but it said it was unavailable. Damn I’ll have to look somewhere else.

  3. johnlenahan Says:

    Damn, it was working this morning. I’ll have to find another one. JL

  4. johnlenahan Says:

    hey osirisoflight

    I fixed the link I think.


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