Ten Decades of PMS

The 105 year old Olive (pictured above stuffing her face) was troubled by a common medical event – she was ovulating. This resulted in her being egg-bound, forcing my Refol Nadene cut a window in her underside shell and performing a hysterectomy. (Did I mention that my Refol is an vet – it’s not like she is an accountant that did this on a whim.) After a bit of fiberglassing the centenarian is a good a new.

A pair of sock will be winging its way to my sister Sara – when I get around to it.


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6 Responses to “Ten Decades of PMS”

  1. subgear Says:

    so it wasn’t rigor tortoise then?

  2. johnlenahan Says:

    Your getting close to a ban.


  3. David Brain Says:

    I’m all agog waiting for your insightful comments now that you are half-way through this experiment. But I’m stuck with stories about tortoises. Bah!

  4. subgear Says:

    No, please! Not the ban! You don’t understand what it’s like to be compelled, as I am, to deal always in the dark art of wordplay. Why, you might even say that being punnish is punishment enough! (But no, that would be going too far.)

  5. Jane Smith Says:

    I used to keep poultry, and an egg-bound peahen is no fun at all to deal with. It can be fatal, and it’s not a nice way to go.

    There’s a calcium supplement that you can give to birds to help prevent this: it keeps their muscles strong enough to squeeze the eggs out, and is fantastic. It’s called Calcivet (other brands are available, but not as effective in peahens, in my experience): I think it’s OK for tortoises too, and will at least save you the expense of all that fibreglass. You can buy it online (and check that it’s tortoise-friendly in the same way).

    There. That’s the end of my being serious. I’m off to be frivolous again.

  6. johnlenahan Says:

    Hi Jane

    Nice to have you aboard but I should warn you. If my refol Nadene doen’t agree with your vet advice – your going to get an earfull. I know I do.


    Thanks for the kind words about, 4 Years Ago Today.

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