Me a tease?

Andy acused me of being a tease yesterday. If you thought that was bad , have a look at this:

The other day I mentioned that I never punched an audience member but I did knock one unconscious. It wasn’t my fault. If I had to blame anybody I’d have to blame the mouthy woman who…

More tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Me a tease?”

  1. Andy Taylor Says:

    I thought it was me that caled you a tease :p

  2. johnlenahan Says:

    Your right andy – fixed.

  3. Andy Taylor Says:

    Why thank you sir. The story was worth the wait by the way.

    It also reminds me that I used to love your little routine where you’d walk towards the exit as you finished before the interval so you’d be first in line at the bar.

    In turn, that reminds me that it’ll be almost 13 years since I last saw you live! :s

  4. nadene Says:

    Andy, Andy , Andy – a comment like ’13 years since I last saw you live’ would get you killed if John was female! Just as well his ‘Wii Fit Age’ was 32 yesterday or you may have been in trouble!

    xx N

  5. subgear Says:

    how old is that in human years?

  6. osirisoflight Says:

    ha wow that was kinda harsh

  7. Andy Taylor Says:

    It’s true though. it has been that long. (hides) I wonder if I still qualify for free entry?

  8. nadene Says:

    SG – I often wonder what the ‘human’ equivalent would be with things pertaining to John…….

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