Munch-a-fest Destiny

Life is way too bonkers to blog.  Searching my gmail I came across a letter I wrote when I was away from my Australian Refol on Christmas Eve 2006.  I hardly remembered writing this and enjoyed reading it again.  Hope you do to.


Christmas Eve 2006

In the 19th century American’s had a doctrine called Manifest Destiny where they believed that it was there God given duty to possess all of North America.  Once our forefathers figured out that Mexico was too hot and Canada had too many French people in it, they settled on the middle bits and ever since have been searching for a new destiny.   In the 50’s and 60’s we worked hard on forcing the commies to stop eating babies and become proper people who acted like us.  In this St. Ronald Reagan succeeded but we have found the 51st state that is now Russia is so dull, that we are letting it revert back to the nasty commie KGB ways – sans the starvation preventing welfare state umbrella.

Now American’s have a new purpose that we didn’t have to put into a doctrine – it just snuck up on us.   God has chosen us to – ‘Consume for the World.’ We used to consume for ourselves.  We had great cotton fields and iron mines, spectacular textile and steel mills and we made great blue jeans and pick up trucks but now we don’t stitch and weld things – that’s boring.   We do the fun stuff – we wear and drive things and we do it. as a service to the world.

I went into the Granite Run to buy a pair of nice trousers for dinner.   Granite Run is a small size mall, especially in comparison to the village-sized King of Prussia Mall but it is still bigger than most shopping places in the UK.   Row after row of clothes are hanging in all conceivable colours and sizes (including XXXXL) and 90% of it was from China.  God, I remember when no westerner was allowed to go to China – now Granite Run Mall is practically a Chinese embassy.  I bet there are more Asian goods in Media Pennsylvania that in the average shop in Beijing.  And they are giving the stuff away.  I bought a pair of Izod corduroy trousers for 19 dollars – that’s less than 11 pounds – and that is before the xmas sales!

The initial knee-jerk reaction is to think that this is a bad thing.   (Actually that’s the second reaction – the initial reaction is to say, “What a fab price.  I’ll take a pair in tan and navy.”) But I once heard an interesting argument about free trade and that was; countries that trade with one another don’t fight with one another. Working for barely living wages in a sweat shop may be hell but is it worse than having teenage insurgents with rifles pillaging your village?  And look at Japan?  Remember when “Made in Japan” meant the product was junk?  Maybe Americans exploiting the labor of the world is a nation’s first stepping stone onto economic and social maturity.   Like a teenager flipping burgers in McDonalds.  I think that the people America is hurting the most with their Munch-a-fest Destiny is themselves.   They are getting fat, lazy and dependent.  Saying that – wait till you see how good I look in my elastic waistband trousers.



2 Responses to “Munch-a-fest Destiny”

  1. osirisoflight Says:

    That makes me want to put on a pair of sweatpants, and lie on the couch with a bucket of KFC.

  2. nadene Says:

    ….all that and watching ‘The Obesity Crisis’ on your Chinese made television.

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