No book yet

My publishing date has come and gone with no actual book in my hand but I am assured that it’ll be with us soon.  Rest assured when I have one in my grimy little mitts there will be a picture of a grinning me on the blog.

John L

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10 Responses to “No book yet”

  1. osirisoflight Says:

    I was quite disappointed when i had to cancel my preorder last week. I must have forgotten to carry a 1 or something when doing the conversion from american to english money. now i have to wait until my next paycheck to purchase a copy. I hope they aren’t sold out by then.

  2. Andy Taylor Says:

    Amazon estimates my book will be delivered between the 11th and 15th August.

  3. kevin Says:

    I just finished listening to the book, and can’t wait to get a hard copy. I hope a sequel comes soon!

  4. RobC Says:

    I got an email from Amazon today: they’re still trying to obtain the book.

  5. Scott Pack Says:

    I will make sure copies are reserved if anyone needs one and hasn’t been able to secure it few the usual channels.

  6. Sherry Miller Says:

    Can’t wait for this in print. Will it take alot longer to become available in Canada? I really think my daughter (16) will enjoy it as much as I did (of course, I’m 29). Please, please, please continue on with the rest of the trilogy. Shadowmagic has been one of the best novels I have read or listened to in quite a long while!

  7. Andy Taylor Says:

    I got the Amazon email too. My order status has changed from 11th – 15th August to “we’ll let you know when we have a date.”

  8. nmj Says:

    Don’t fret, John, I had this too, but it’ll all come right in the end – it’s just a wee delay – making it that bit sweeter when you have the book in hand! N

  9. tim Says:

    So if John signed 1000 pieces of paper on July 24 and all the elves were waiting at the factory as soon as John delivered the papers to be bound into the 1000 books they must have just run out of fairy dust or orc dung to get this all done by Aug 1 or Aug 15 or in a reality check late Aug or early Sept
    due to the fact that the French and Elves take the last week of July and the first week of Aug off. But the exciting thing is that Shadowmagic will be in our hands soon so all is well except that the Elves could have gotten things out a bit quicker. All good things come in time.

  10. Caroline Says:

    So looking forward to buying and reading Shadowmagic.
    I hope it arrives with us all soon.


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