Keepin’ u posted

Got word from my publisher today – Shadowmagic is delayed again.  The new publishing date is Aug. 28th.  As a veteran of postponed media events, (my ITV pilot was scheduled 10 times in a 12 moth period and pulled 9 times – half of them within a week of broadcast and two of them on the day!) I am an expert in taking things like this in my stride.  Even though I am confident that this book will come out, I won’t lie to you and say it doesn’t make me nervous.

Back in the days when I was working in television, Anthony Owen (my magic adviser and now Daren Brown’s TV producer) and I used to say:

“It’s not real until the contract is signed.”  Then we changed it to:

“It’s not real until we have a video-plus code.”  Then we changed it to:

“It’s not real until it’s actually on the air.”  Now that I am in publishing I have revised the saying again to –

“It’s not real until it’s history.”

I’ll keep you posted.

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