A Man in Occupied France

My Refol was awoken the other night by me fondling her in my sleep.  Apparently I said I was looking for my glasses.  When I couldn’t find them between her bellybutton and chin I apparently said, “Oh never mind,” and immediately went back to sleep.

I have no recollection of the alleged incident but I don’t doubt it.  I have a history of nocturnal exclamations.  (Saying that, I’ve never copped a feel in my sleep before.  It’s a shame I missed it.)  My two favourites happened with previous Refols.

I once shot upright in bed, startling my collage sweetheart Annette and shouted, “GOD DAMN CATTLE.  WHERE’S ANNETTE!” then flopped back down into a deep sleep.

By my favourite happened with my late wife.  I had been asleep for quite a while before she turned off her reading light.  As she was just about to close her eyes I popped up on one elbow and tapped her on the shoulder.  In a conspiratorial voice I said, “I know a man in occupied France who can get you all the girls you want.”  Then I winked at her and rolled over – fast asleep.

Man, there is a dream I wish I remembered.




4 Responses to “A Man in Occupied France”

  1. osirisoflight Says:

    I wish i could say that i don’t have the same problem, but i do. it has been some time since my last night time declaration but i have been know to have some doozies. My wife’s favorite one of mine is when i shot up and said “And that my friends is when they got the mini-van” I have no memory of it but apparently it happened.


  2. johnlenahan Says:

    We sound like kindred spirits. I’ll see you in my dreams.

  3. mithwen_arataur Says:

    I can only share the tale of my best friend who sat up in the middle of the night (I was still awake), looked right at me and said what I can only translate as “Ha! You’re a wondrous creature!” Then she went back to sleep again and couldn’t remember a thing in the morning…

    I love it when people talk in their sleep, it’s almost always funny 🙂


  4. Andy Taylor Says:

    Collage sweetheart? was she made of bits of torn up paper? 😉

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