Where am I – is back!

Just figure out where I was the other day from the following photos and I’ll promise to send you a pair of socks and then probably never get around to doing it.




7 Responses to “Where am I – is back!”

  1. Ventzi Zhechev Says:

    Looks like La Coruña to me…

  2. johnlenahan Says:

    We’ve got a winner. La Coruña it is. And here is me thinking that was a tough one. A Pair of once worn socks to Ventzi.

  3. RobC Says:

    Damn, late to the party on this one!

  4. johnlenahan Says:

    well done Ventzi beating Rob C to the punch.


  5. Phil Bacon Says:

    THARAZUL Resturant, Maderia, did you have the steak on the stone?

  6. johnlenahan Says:

    I was going to do a “where am I” from Maderia but Phil, the DJ on the ship, saw me with my laptop eating a fab steak cooked on a hot stone and saved me the trouble.

  7. Matt Says:

    You’re not kidding. I’ve been waiting for my two pair of socks I won for months. My postman actually avoids me now because of the “where are my socks question”
    Guessing I will get a signed copy of Shadowmagic in hardback in compensation….

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