Kissing Mermaids

This morning, I kissed a mermaid – while I was underwater of course.  My life is strange indeed.

Even though I am yet to make a living out of novel writing, I am treating it like it’s a job.  Each day I lock myself away and plop into this fantasy world of my own creation, that sometimes gets so real that it makes me cry at a death of a character or laugh at a joke that I wrote myself.  Then after immersing in this universe for a couple of hours, I step blinking into the real world, often desperate to share my eventful day with someone.  That’s when I  find that as I explain the intricacies of Banshee warrior magic or Imp sword fighting, my captured audience is usually only a step away from calling the men in the nice white coats.

So to all of my friends – fear not.  My grip on sanity is still strong and I am not losing myself in the imaginary world that I have created.  I know the difference between fact and fantasy.  But just between you and me – it’s really nice kissing a mermaid.


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