You too can get a copy of Shadowmagic!

Shadowmagic is actually out and here’s a picture of me actually holding it.

It’s gorgeous – a limited edition (1000 copies), signed, numbered, hardback.  The demand has been so great that there was a worry there wouldn’t be enough to cover the Amazon order but because of Borders UK delaying their order, that’s no longer a problem.  If you have pre-ordered from Amazon then they say things should be working by the end of the week.  A company called The Book Depository is offering free shipping worldwide.

Thanks in advance to all of you who are buying one for yourselves and then buying one for everyone you know.
John L

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8 Responses to “You too can get a copy of Shadowmagic!”

  1. Diane Johnson Says:

    Bought one for me… and then my daughter, who was QUITE offended she didn’t get her own copy!

    Thanks for being awesome!

  2. Andy Taylor Says:

    Hurrah! Patiently waiting for Amazon to email me with a shipping date.

    Congratulations, John.

  3. subgear Says:

    No, seriously, where’d you hire the leprechaun holding up your book in this picture? Fab!

  4. Matthew Says:

    Hey I’m excited to – just waiting to be told its despatched. And the guys in the Borders shop are also excited – it means that they will get more time to work without me comming and pestering them for the book “The only shadow magic we have on our system is a Romance novel..”

  5. Jade Says:

    Congratulations John, thats fantastic! After all the drama you actually have a copy in your hands!! x

  6. osirisoflight Says:

    congrats John, now if only i had the money

  7. Diane Johnson Says:

    *sobs* My order cannot be fulfilled and has been cancelled 😦

  8. Caroline Says:

    It looks beautiful.

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