Congrats Nick

My old mate Nick Wilty got married this weekend.  Nick is a stand-up comedian and professional vagabond.  A Falklands War veteran that for years would make just enough money so he could disappear and travel the world.  You may not know about him – he’s a comedian’s comedian.  When Nick is on stage all the rest of the comics come out of the dressing room to watch him work – high praise indeed.

Nick told me a lovely story about his second gig.  He had only performed on stage in London once, for an amateur night (that Nick admits didn’t go very well.)  That didn’t stop him, two weeks later while walking down a street in Sydney, to walk into a comedy club and announce that he was a comedian.  As it happened they needed an opening act that night and Nick was on stage five hours later. 

When the show was over, the seasoned headliner act said to Nick, “Good opening line,” as he passed him backstage.

“Thank you.” Nick said.

That made the old comic stop, “No you misunderstand me,” he said.  “You need a good opening line.”


He’s got great ones now as well as a lovely new bride.  Good luck Nick.


John L

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