A Secret Chapter

A pair of socks goes to osirisoflight as the first person to notice that in fact there is a chapter in the printed version of Shadowmagic that is not in the podcast.  When my publisher Scott read the manuscript he felt it needed one more adventure.  So I elaborated on Fergal and Conor’s meeting.  The episode introduced a new race of characters who are becoming very important in book two.  I’ll fill in the listeners in a prologue of podcast two – when I get there.

I posted socks to Matt today.  If I owe you socks remember to email your snailmail to  john(at)gratuitoussocks(dot)com 


PS thanks osirisoflight for alerting me to my websites being down.  I’m paying the bill now.



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One Response to “A Secret Chapter”

  1. osirisoflight Says:

    i am really excited for the sequal. The new race is very interesting. This chapter was a great addition.

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