I got me a new Casio A220W-1QY

I got me a new Casio A220W-1QY Futurist Vibrating Alarm Watch.

I had one ages ago and lost it but I saw that amazon.co.uk is selling them again and I got me one.  So why so exited?  Well for a stage performer this baby is great.  You can set the timer for however long your act is and then it vibrates when your time is up.  You never have to glance at your watch and the audience is none the wiser.  

The first time I ever used one of these was at the Ealing Comedy Festival. The gigs were in big 1000 seat tents in the park.  On the day I was performing it had rained and there were a few puddled around.  At the moment I touched the mike stand the vibrating alarm went off.  I freaked – I thought I was being electrocuted.  It was not one of my coolest moments on stage.


John L


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