It’s – Where Am I? – time again.

A pair of smelly socks to he guesser of this location.



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6 Responses to “It’s – Where Am I? – time again.”

  1. Ventzi Zhechev Says:

    I believe it’s Castries in St. Lucia.
    But I wasn’t sure until I spotted the phone code.

  2. RobC Says:

    And Ventzi is in like Flynn. Bravo!

    I’m just a little jealous that John is in the Caribbean rather than cold, wet Blighty…

  3. Ventzi Zhechev Says:

    It’s pretty sunny here in Dublin currently, so I don’t envy John as much. But I still wouldn’t mind being in the Caribbean myself 🙂

  4. johnlenahan Says:

    The Irish Bulgarian beats rob C by 7 minutes. Send me your snailmail and I’ll send you some socks. That goes for you too Rob C – I owe you about a dozen.


  5. RobC Says:

    Hey John, I’m not sure if I have your current email address. Can you see the addy associated with my posts? If so, drop me a line…

  6. johnlenahan Says:

    I’m having trouble with my internet provider but if you drop me a line on podlit (at) gmail (dot) com i’ll get it.

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